Fast On-the-Job Training.
Respect From Day One.

Which trades jobs are in high demand in OKC & TULSA?


Job security isn’t found in a project, it’s gained from experience. We arm our workers with certified training, which gears them up for success in the field.

As of JUNE 1, 2020, we’re developing life long careers as fast as humanly possible & without any debt for the following trades:

  • Fire Alarm Apprentice (easy low volt electrical) Tech Lic in 1 year OJT
  • Entry Level Carpenter  (no wood working – more like handyman jobs)
  • NEW! Commercial Glass Installation Apprentice ( Like giant legos) 
  • NEW! Survey Helper Apprentice ( Fly drones, work with robotics) 

As long as you keep your schedule, opportunities for advancement will arise within six months.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.


Everyone deserves an opportunity to better themselves and their family. We don’t just hire, we invest in our workers. With JTC, you’ll have a boss that respects you and cares for your well being. 

At the end of the day, we’re all human. If you’re working hard, you will be rewarded. We pride ourselves on these fundamentals.

Stay the course and you’ll be rewarded.


After completing our application, one of our specialists will contact you to schedule an interview. Once you’re enrolled in our training program, you’ll begin at Level One. 

Every six months we’ll review your work attendance, JTC Training Seminars involvement, and your work supervisor’s assessments to determine if you’re eligible to advance to the next level and pay grade. 




  • $11.00/hr
    Level 1 
    • 1 year experience in construction. Must have hand tools & be involved in monthly training seminars.
  • $11.75/hr
    Level 2 
    • Passed client appraisal, proven skill & work ethic & above 80% Loyalty Rating.
  • $12.50/hr
    Level 3 
    • New starting point for all licensed alarm workers. Need drivers license, clean background check and low volt tools. Must have the OSHA 10 card to pass to the skilled level. 


  • $13.50/hr
    Level 1 
    • NEW OSHA 10 incentive : Get OSHA 10 card and get a raise to skill level 1 upon completion. 
  • $14.50/hr
    Level 2 
    • Has skills, follows orders & provides supervision. A trusted quality control.
  • $15.50/hr
    Level 3 
    • Read plans, help manage material. Helps superintendent provide communication to sub-contractors.
  • $16.50/hr
    Level 4 
    • Advancement upon 6 month review. Above 80% customer hire back rating.
  • $17.50/hr
    Level 5 
    • Proven crew leaders, foreman & assistant supervisors.


  • $18.50 + BOE
    Level 1 
    • Licensed alarm tech entry level pay ( 1 year experience) 
  • $19.50 + BOE
    Level 2 
    • Techs 6 month raise. 
  • $20.50 + BOE
    Level 3 
    • Techs 12 month raise. 
  • $21.50 + BOE
    Level 4 
  • Never look for a job again!

And we're only getting started.

  • 1. Dental, vision, and life insurance after 90 days, all for just $5 per individual.
  • 2. Fast raises based on your 6-month performance review, with a minimum of $0.75/hr. guaranteed.
  • 3. Free company-matched IRA, paid holidays, paid vacations, multiple bonus awards, safety and hard work awards as well as FREE TOOL incentives.

  • 4. $10,000's of free OJT hands-on programs including carpentry, welding, electrical, HVAC, and fire sprinkler apprenticeships.
  • 5. You have your own communication rep who'll document your hard work so everyone knows your true worth in the fastest way possible.
  • 6. Everything is absolutely free to those few workers who possess the "A" player attitude.

*All workers start at level one (apprentice level 1, entry level 1, skilled level 1 or pro level 1).